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11 Testimonials
6 years
Hi Edgar,
I hope you are well. Thanks for the consultation a couple of weeks
ago. I just wanted to send you an update of how things went with the
job interview for that job I really wanted and you had advised I had a
good chance due to the timing.
Well, it’s very good news and you were spot on! I got the job and will
be starting next week. The salary is also much better than I could have
hoped for in a permanent role so clearly greeting the money god on
Chinese new year as you advised on your website was a very good use of
my time :-) The company is an IT system vendor which specialises in
super/insurance systems so hopefully that’s enough fire to keep bringing
the luck in. They are already speaking about career progression as the
company is growing rapidly so there might be more opportunities coming
up soon, which is very exciting.
Thank you so much for your excellent advice!
Kind regards,
Vien – Feb 2016
8 years
Hsin 28-Feb-2007
 "Thank you, Edgar....I must say that I am very lucky to have found you on the internet. You are very genuine and an expert in your field".
"Thanks again and wish me luck".
11 years
 Hi Edgar
Things are going very well. Everyone loves the shop and the feel of it. We
are very busy and still putting some finishing touches to it all. Pete is
very pelased with it all and Mary Anne loves it.
Hope things are good with you
Bairnsdale, Vic
Oct., 2008
11 years
Panda Chu
 What the profession you are in Chinese astrology. Thank you very much for helping me out by giving right direction and constructive advice based on 4 pillars reading and Feng Shui of my house. Your profession brought our family life into another level of happiness. Strongly recommend.. Thumbs up for you. Thanks again.
Panda Chu
11 years
Kim (North Melbourne)
Dear Edgar,
Just want to convey my utmost appreciation for your guidance and advice from my life reading in particular in regards to marital problems. I have found you not only to be honest but caring enough to provide me with sensible solutions to my problem. I agreed with your “Ren Ming” (fate recognition) interpretation where you explained the true meaning lies where it is not all about knowing and accepting our fate but more so to understand and learn to manage or rectify our path through our actions and mindsets.
After you detailed consultation, I felt my sense of direction is clearer. Many thanks for your patience and your time spent in answering all my questions.
I will certainly recommend your service my relatives and friends.
Best Regards,
North Melbourne
April 2009
11 years
David & Vicki
Dear Edgar,
Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the advice given by you at our recent home consultation. Whilst we had a little knowledge about Feng Shui you have “tweeked and fine tuned” our house and the results were noticeable within a week.
We are sleeping better at night due to your advice on our bedroom layout. (Now if you just had a remedy for my husbands snoring!)
The 6 coins placement you suggested for promotion have worked already – within a week.
Our whole house has a very calming and good energy feel. We are experiencing many positive influences at the moment. Friends have asked us for your details and we have happily passed them on.
We will see you at the start of the next Chinese New Year.
All the best, and we will keep you up to date.
David & Vicki
St Leonards, Vic 3223
April 2009
11 years
Hi Edgar,
We now live in Ivanhoe and are happily married.
Thank you for your advice.
11 years
Adam S
Hi Edgar,
Wishing you and your family a happy and successful 2008. I am in England and will be back in early January so let's try and catch up as there have been a lot of positive progress since your visit.
11 years
Hi Edgar,
Hope you and your family are well.
Happy new year to you all, and goodluck & good health always.
I wanted to touch base with you.
I am working at xxxxxxx real estate in Camberwell, where one of the main
colors is gold. exacltly as you had predicted. thank you for your tailsman
you gave me too.
All seems to being going good at work , the kids are finding their work well

Thank you
Kind regards,
Feb 2010
11 years
Melanie (QLD, Aust.)
Hi Edgar,
I am writing to say a huge thank you for my recent Chinese astrology reading I have done with you via email. It was concise and to the point and I received clear answers to my many questions! I feel so much better now and more confident in being able to move ahead with my life in the direction of my dreams.
I would thoroughly recommend you to anyone wishing to explore the ancient realms of Chinese astrology and I hope others receive the same benefits also.
Thanking you kindly and all the best,
Melanie (QLD, Aust.)
11 years
Ling Dec 2010
Hi Edgar,
Thanks for seeing my cousin, for such a young person, she's so spiritual and eager to know her future path. She's seen a few fortune tellers before but I think Chinese Astrology has a bit more science then going by the fortune tellers hunch.

Thanks again, have a merry christmas and a happy new year to you and your family.

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